Why is it necessary to quit supporting XP????

Here's the problem I see that makes me wonder if something shouldn't be done to prevent Microsoft from ever completely terminating any operating system or program.... Older People! I help a number of elderly folks most more than 80 years old with computer issues and questions. Termination of support for XP and other programs would pretty much prevent 99% of them from using a computer at all. Once they have learned to use the system, changing is nearly impossible. Going to 7 would completely befuddle most. Then there is the aspect that many of the programs they depend on won't work with 7 or have to run in some mode that none of them would ever figure out and buying and then trying to learn a new program, even an upgrade of an old program, again would have 99% of them befuddled. Lord knows absolutely none of them would understand 8 because I barely can. I know the techies think everything new is better, but it rarely really is. XP is a good system and there isn't any practical reason a multi-billion dollar industry giant can't keep a couple guys on the project.