Paragraphs!! ;) (j/k)

by Pepe7 - 1/27/13 8:40 AM


Wow, I think my eyes just popped out of my head (LOL) {just teasing}

I don't think you have much to do with your current system other than what you've mentioned adding HDMI. You might not even need to bother with digital optical, it seems fine to me. Just make sure it's connected as follows so you maximize what the AV receiver can do- decode expanded audio codecs from your LG Blu Ray player, and send along Netflix content. I'm assuming you have a cable box in the mix too(?) Or are you only using the built-in HDTV tuner(?) In any case if you need to add more HDMI cables to the mix, save yourself some money and pick up something just as good from or amazon (amazon basics brand). They work just as well as your overpriced monster cable.

LG Blu Ray (HDMI out) --> (HDMI in) Philips receiver

Cable box (HDMI out) --> (HDMI in) Phillips receiver

Phillips Receiver (HDMI out) --> (HDMI in) LG HDTV

*speakers will have same connections to receiver as you have now

Again, if you have left anything out, especially regarding the lack of a cable box, please let me know and I can tweak your setup.