Toni, state rights

by Roger NC - 1/27/13 8:36 AM

In Reply to: Kess and JP by TONI H

what is claimed and what is real isn't all always the same.

There will always be debate about the extent of both.

I'm saying the civil war ended the time peroid where the federal government was regarded as being tolerated by the states and became the central power.

You won't deny that federal law trumps state law in conflicts in overwhelming percentage of the time will you?

States are more political divisions than independant governments now. I'm sure you don't like it, but surely you can see it.

I'm sure you rather end federal money to all states and let each state sink or swim on it's own and reduce the federal tax by that amount.

Then again, no federal regulation or aid for transportation, roads, airports, education, etc., each state being in charge within it's border. No NSTB to investigate airline crashes and how they relate to each other scattered across the country. No standard set of rules for airport operation, safety, security.

No federal regulation of business, banking, insurance, each state have different rules to apply within it's border. Industry and business having to deal with 50 entirely different set of rules. Yes, they have to deal with individual state regulation now but they have to conform within federal guidelines also.

You complain all the time about not being allowed to buy insurance out of state because what you want isn't sold in your state. Is that federal or state laws? How do you think it would be if every business had to operates separate divisions within every state?

I don't see that working out very well.