Kess and JP

JP, first.......yes, it was written 'when' they couldn't imagine the world as it is today; however, they knew that a tyrannical government would always be a possibility if not a probability because 'power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely' and the people would defend against it.

Kees....the Civil War was fought for exactly that reason. The South came together because they believed that the North was attempting to become tyrannical. Either side COULD have won; it was just a matter of which had enough money, men, and arms to sway it in their direction. It was all dependent upon which side of the Mason/Dixon line you believed more strongly in at that time. When the outcome was finally determined and agreed on, the main point that was conceded was the slavery issue......most other things both sides were in agreement on, so the differences weren't that far apart, and the country united.

As for the Texas 'militia'.....I'm not sure what you are asking.