Re: transfer, mail and keep

by Kees_B Moderator - 1/27/13 6:52 AM

In Reply to: Boy I must be dumb by kymtsportz

My Canon camera came with software to copy pics from the camera to the hard disk of my PC (either all or only the one not copied earlier, that's just clicking the right button).

That's not standard Windows, however, so you'll have to look into the documentation of your camera how to do that. That's comparable to mp3-players: with some you can use Windows Explorer to copy mp3's to, with others you need the makers software (like iTunes for an iPod).

Once these pics are on the hard disk, in the folders you prefer, they are 'kept' there (unless you delete them) and are as easy to mail as all your other pictures and documents. You don't need any special software for that.