RE: I don't know what 'majority' you are speaking of

by JP Bill - 1/27/13 5:26 AM

In Reply to: A collective of radicals, JP by TONI H

I don't know what 'majority' you are speaking of unless you mean the people who elected this particular president.

Give the lady a Kewpie doll.

Did you know that there was just a statement made yesterday by Homeland Security that actually says that the AR15 rifle is the 'best weapon for self-defense in close quarters' you can own,

Self-defense in close quarters for police/homeland security? What's wrong with that?

So, I take it you think civilians should be capable of fending off civilian authorities. You want to commit a should be as heavily armed as the response to YOUR crime?

Why stop at bout civilian Drones? RPG's? I could go on....and on