A collective of radicals, JP

by TONI H - 1/27/13 4:47 AM

In Reply to: RE: And I seriously doubt you are serious by JP Bill

all in high government positions at this time in history.......all with the same agenda........I don't know what 'majority' you are speaking of unless you mean the people who elected this particular president. If that's who you mean, it's easy to sway people's votes when you are giving them (literally) other people's money and have the ability to completely divide an entire country by class warfare (remember that BO did not get a sweeping majority like JFK or Reagan...he won by a mere 51% of the votes). When you can get that response from those voters by making sweeping statements like BO did during his inaugural speech, such as 'WE don't believe (fill in the blanks for the rest of the statements he made), and make it APPEAR with those statements that the Republicans DO believe whatever, you are subliminally putting the thought into those listening who don't hear anything other than what you inferred.

The only thing transparent about this administration is the fact that they are dangerous and bad for the health of this country because of their long-held agendas.

Take the current gun-control bill Feinstein just put out. Did you know that REAL assault weapons have been banned for tens of years already? Did you know that liberals have over time decided that 'assault' weapons are now redefined to include MOST guns? Did you know that her bill allows waivers for 'government officials' but that those 'officials' aren't specified in the bill? Did you know that Coumo in NY neglected to include police officers in HIS bill and they had to scramble to make an amendment to it so police officers wouldn't be breaking the law by having more than 7 bullets in THEIR guns? Did you know that the original Coumo bill he wanted passed included CONFISCATION (that bill was leaked to the media on official government stationary)? Did you know that Feinstein's bill grandfathers in every single 'assault' weapon on her list so if you already own them, the law wouldn't pertain to you........EXCEPT, it will become harder and harder to find ammunition and clips for them, effectively banning them by making them useless? Did you know that NO bill that Feinstein or any other liberal writes would have stopped Newtown from happening because the MOTHER legally purchased her guns and her son STOLE them? Did you know that criminals will NOT obey ANY law so it won't stop THEM? Did you know that there was just a statement made yesterday by Homeland Security that actually says that the AR15 rifle is the 'best weapon for self-defense in close quarters' you can own, and yet this administration doesn't want a legal citizen to own one to protect themselves with?

NOTHING they are doing is about saving kids at an elementary school........it has everything to do with this is an on-going agenda that liberals have had for years. Just as in 'control their money, and you control the people', it is also 'control their guns, and you control the population'........THAT was the thinking of Hitler and it worked. He disarmed the entire country except for his military and he controlled the entire country.