Another question

by abbygayle65 - 1/27/13 7:17 AM

In Reply to: Sorry. by R. Proffitt Moderator

Hi guys. So, I put a new set of batteries in and all of the sudden the "smart capture" (photo of camera) mode is available again with the flower and mountain. Unfortunately, it doesn't stay. It cycles randomly every few seconds between the three now at this point and I"m unable to keep it on one setting. But there is an addition now too. There is a image of a person with brackets around them.
Someone mentioned turning bracketing off. Is that what this bracketing is? I can not figure out how to turn off bracketing and am unsure whether that is really a symbol that means bracketing. I appreciate the help. Any ideas on this one? It has seemed to help the extreme darks and extreme brights, but it still is not taking quality photos at this point.