Your suggestion

>>>HE scares YOU....the more you think about people/events...the more they can scare you, Stop reading/listening/posting stories about Obama, just a suggestion.>>>>>>>

is exactly the reason our country is where it's at,'s called APATHY.....and it will kill a country faster than anything. IF people don't get concerned, upset, involved, and informed, bad things happen all around you and you aren't even aware of it because you didn't care enough to stop it before it got a toe-hold.

And I seriously doubt you are serious when you say 'we're here for you, Toni'....your posts to me reflect otherwise as do some of the others that have been derogatory and sneering on a personal level so I have to take that comment as nothing more than sarcasm.

And, I AM looking forward.......that isn't going to stop me from telling/posting about CURRENT issues regarding this administration in order to make some of you aware of the hidden, and sometimes actually dangerous, things they are doing. You can call me someone looking for a conspiracy as has been insinuated at times; however, I personally call what's happening a 'COLLECTIVE' agenda.....(BO's favorite word).....more than a few people in high positions with identical agendas all coming together at this particular time in history in order to get their agendas pushed thru no matter how damaging the end result will be because they are idealogues with narrow vision that have been looking for an opportunity like the one they have right now for nearly 100 years. They have perfected their strategy over time and as BO kept saying "now is the time" to "fundamentally change America" because they know that if they get beat back this time, their time is over and they will never get this opportunity again. They are no longer happy with small inroads that just chips away a little at a time.....they want it all, and they want it now.