Did you actually read

what you wrote here: So, I take it you think civilians should be capable of fending off civilian authorities. You want to commit a crime...you should be as heavily armed as the response to YOUR crime?

I never suggested that civilians use their weapons against civilian authorities.......and YOU brought committing a crime into the same level of thought. The criminals ALREADY have fire power equal to or better than the response teams, JP........

I am saying that the civilians who lawfully own weapons that are capable of fending off CRIMINALS should be allowed to do that, according to our 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, and NOT be in a position placed upon them by our Federal or State governments that disallows them to defend themselves. And yet, that's exactly what our current Fed government and some State governments want.

And, in case you are interested.......the 2nd Amendment was actually written the way that is (referring to the population as 'militia') because the country had just fended off a war against GOVERNMENT tyranny, and the right to keep and bear arms was to allow that 'militia' to again, if need be, fight against ANOTHER government tyranny in order to protect themselves from it happening again.