by stickman5758 - 1/26/13 11:30 PM

In Reply to: Restore to factory settings by wpgwpg

Well I was worried that I was going to have to reset it, but I'm not sure if we have a factory state backup, because when we first brought the computer it was our first one and we were not brilliant with them...

I do know that we have a backup, but that is only of some files and is not external, so may have been infected as well. I'm also not sure how recent it is, which may be another problem.

I will search around for backup discs and stuff, and get back to you. If I was going to get my files off if I didn't have a backup, surely the drive I put them onto will carry the infection? Is there any way of saving my files? I don't really want to infect this laptop as well :P

Could you link me to a site which can tell me how to restore to factory settings, or is it a simple thing in control panel?

Thanks happy