I hope you don't actually lose any sleep over him.

by JP Bill - 1/26/13 7:42 PM

In Reply to: Yes, I detest him by TONI H

HE scares YOU....the more you think about people/events...the more they can scare you, Stop reading/listening/posting stories about Obama, just a suggestion.

However, IF venting here helps, We're here for you Toni, the main thing is don't ever lose faith.

You have to look forward Toni, things WILL get better, He'll be gone in FOUR years, You'll still be kicking and ready to Rebuild America, and after 6 Tea Party Presidents have each served their maximum of 8 years each (which works out to 56 years) the country will be back to BO (Before Obama).

Keep your chin up and your stick on the ice.