USB 3.0 cables

by IraAduro - 1/26/13 6:50 PM

In Reply to: USB 3.0 project by Willy

Some excellent info in that post and yes I know it seems strange that I would want to make my own sata cables. But what I'm doing is a bit strange. I'm planning on making an adapter of sorts that on one side plugs into my motherboard's IO ports and on the other side plugs into the backplate of a G5 Powermac from the inside. So the USB 3 cable will only need to be perhaps 2" long at most. I figured it was best to make it myself. Also, I found USB 3 headers with black plastic instead blue. This fits my color scheme.

To make one wouldn't I just get 22 guage wire, solder all the wires to the USB female headers that I bought? Assuming I get the right wires in the right places.