Best answer as chosen by user Rossi2009: Sorted it out!

by SunnyFrimley - 1/26/13 3:49 PM

In Reply to: FN Key function always on by Rossi2009

Fixed it on my laptop. I ran the Samsung SW Update program, and used it to update the BIOS. I also installed various other updated drivers (I did each separately though; if you select all you end up with Norton and the like).

Now the function keys behave themselves.

You may ask why I wasn't already running it. Well, when I first got the laptop, the SW Update clashed terribly with Chrome and Firefox. Only IE10 worked properly. My laptop also kept blue screening and refusing to boot. I eventually managed to do a factory restore and since then the laptop has behaved itself. I hadn't used SW Update the 2nd time around, but I've used it now and it is behaving itself.

I guess they have been fixing bugs, because its a lot more stable now. What you get for having a brand new release I guess!