My apology somehow I looked at Minnelli

by Roger NC Moderator - 1/26/13 2:41 PM

In Reply to: they werent the ones on the cd by Roger NC Moderator

and thought Milli Vanilli and that scam.

Doesn't really matter who else was "villified for the same thing".

It still is a non issue. And I don't remember exactly what the incident was with Minnelli and lip sync.

Advertising a live performance, selling tickets to a live performance and lip syncing it is dishonest, yes, and is not delivering what the spectators paid for.

But this media debate is totally stupid, as several said, in slightly different works, most don't give a rat's asss.

Even if you want to argue lip synciing is fraud (there are a lot of backlog to try there), tying the lip sync to activities of Obama or his administration is really looking for anything to condemn them for.

Sorry, I don't give a damn if she lip sync and someone in charge checked off on it, I don't see having a hissy fit about it does anything to fix anything.