I don't think it's fake

by Erick_123 - 1/26/13 2:23 PM

In Reply to: And by Blue_Zee

I clicked that link from another computer, and it worked fine. I got sent to Teamviewer's page. I sometimes get redirected to crownhub, when I click a link. Like a month ago, this was happening to me a lot on photobucket, but not the last time I went there. And, like 2 months ago this was a lot worse. The homepage for google chrome was changed, and I was getting constantly a lot of pop ups.

For this, I got malwarebytes, and advanced system care. Those 2 programs cleaned most of the adware I had in my pc, but this crownhub is still there.

When I use a free proxy, I get redirected more often. As I said at the beginning of the thread, I use a free proxy to use Pandora, because it's not allowed in my country.