I don't know why the media has only seized on the

lip sync and not by the butchery of the song. The SBB isn't about the singer and it's not necessarily a performance. This wasn't the Super Bowl but the installation of a US president so it's not even about Obama but the office he's taking. The song is said to be difficult anyway but surely there are thousands of people out there who could have done it justice. I wonder who gets to choose the singer. We know from the campaign that Beyonce and her husband are big Obama contributors and role models for their daughters but I hope that had nothing to do with her selection. There simply are some people who shouldn't attempt certain musical genres. Every year pop stars put out absolutely horrible Christmas albums and people buy them. Who want to by a recording of Don Ho or Wayne Newton singing "Kumbaya" or "We Shall Overcome" happy Some things don't fit and pop singers who prance on stage in glitter or nighties don't seem like the right choices to be singing songs which need to be done with dignity and believability. Beyonce altered the tune, the meter and the words of the SBB. I'd think that should be a no-no...at least at a US government official event. If it was a lip sync, that makes it worse because someone would have had an opportunity to determine it's suitability for the event. Here's a little more about the song and how it's actually taught to be properly done.


And from the link:

"This unit is designed to introduce fourth graders to chorus and to sing "The Star-Spangled Banner" correctly"