Wasn't Minnelli vilified for the same thing?

by TONI H - 1/26/13 10:45 AM

In Reply to: (NT) OMG, making this an Obama admin rant? by Roger NC

Somebody gave her the okay to fake it (Schumer? since he was in charge of the festivities).........was she that afraid that she would perform badly 'live' or was she flat out too lazy to bother? I'm not the only who blames politics for this.......some comments made by others in the blogs........

>>>Another fake performance. Why should she sing live? The POTUS can't give a speech without a teleprompter. This entire administration lacks authenticity. I say the blame lies with Schumer. Wasn't he in charge of the festiivities? I think he needs to call a press conference. Too bad her arrogance reflects badly on the band. They were up for the task, even if she wasn't.>>>

>>>Everyone gave Britney Spears hell for lip syncing.. why should Beyonce be treated differently?
Double standard>>>

Next time, leave the performer at home and play a freaking record instead if we can't get REAL for our money.