Windows XP: greatest seller's regret in history

As forum rules prohibit naming Messrs. Gates and Balmer, I will refer to them as "the people at Microsoft".

Ripping Windows XP out of our computers and subjecting us to Windows 8 (where even turning off the computer is a major chore) is a last gasp effort - a dying man's clutching at straws - in order to forestall the inevitable demise of Microsoft.

So what to do? Basically, I am parsing the Windows OS out of my life.

I stopped using MS Word in mid 2012. I am getting ready to do my last tax return on Excel in 2014. I am moving the center of effort of my file structure and computation locus to the cloud. I have purchased a factory unlocked iPhone.

The people at Microsoft want us to only use their digitally signed drivers and to deny us the software we want and need to use (unless of course we enable "test signing"). Messrs. G and B want us to keep our files in their file folders rather than in our own folder system: I believe they have made our own systems of external drives and encrypted volumes so difficult to operate because they want to read our files and peruse our mail.

Nothing about Windows 7, and now writ large in Windows 8, has anything to do with benefiting us. Messrs G a B have actually gone out of their way to make the GUI at Windows 8 as bizarre and byzantine as possible.

It is perfectly within the grasp of G and B to give us a legacy interface where we can poke around our Windows 8 computer using the XP mouse movements and shortcut keys of yore. But what G and B have in mind is a re-education rising to the same level of brutality as what Eastern block countries did to their citizens after WWII.

I am pretty smart and I am able to take the steps I need to protect myself. I have a cherry Windows 98 Hard drive stored in a safe location just in case I have to boot up some old Windows software. A Windows XP Prof harddrive will join that 98 drive in my storage locker. And I will make an ISO image of my Windows operating system - even though G and B have sewn all kinds of landmines in the OS to stop me from fully utilizing my fully paid-up property.

But a lot of people (especially older early adopters) will be screwed by G and B: and what really bothers me is that there is a feyness, a cuteness, to the way G and B go about their work. The best example I can lay out at this time is the way they promised a legacy XP interface in Windows 7 - but only of course after you had upgraded for $100+ your windows 7 Version to the level required to be able to emulate your licensed version of XP.

These are complex games played out by very smart men who do not have our interests at heart. AT HEART? Heck: they hate us. they despise us. Only people who hate us would treat human beings the way G and B treat us.