Make something from nothing

by Willy - 1/26/13 9:15 AM

In Reply to: So what if she lip synced it by Steven Haninger

The public lens is on so much for anyone in the public eye that nothing gets left out. To comment about anything even to the point it should have this way or that or "eye rolls" that got press. Give me a break and the general public too. So what if she lip sync or not, overall it didn't seem that bad. But no, zero-in on anything that's not perfect or on que, come-on we're human and not robots. She as sure wasn't trying to butcher the music or Athem, etc., and marched on if it got hosed, like any pro would. maybe, in private she apologized to the Prez and family but heck that's private. Next time, play a record or CD to do it all or have the USMC band do it. Much ado about nothing, IMO. -----Willy happy