USB 3.0 project

by Willy - 1/26/13 8:31 AM

In Reply to: USB connector headers and how to connect them by IraAduro

I don't see why you need to make USB 3.0 when there are already pre-made cables out there. Unless, you have a unique setup get the pre-made cables. Further, if you make cables you have to start with USB 3.0 ready cables, then modify or build as you need it. Otherwise USB 2.0 type cables aren't as capable due to noise and shielding issues, plus the "colored ID" of USB 3.0. Buy the cables that match your USB headers, you seem to be getting both types of different, is that what you need or covering bases. Your PC install should explain what it needs. Also, any cable connections match pin-for-pin link, usually its "keyed" to align one way. As for USB 3.0 specs, goolge for what each wire does. I hope you understand what I convey here.

332- replacement ports at the mtrbd. or pcb (4-wire)
335- smaller or micro type mounted on mtrbd. or pcb (10-wire?)

The above items you've ordered, what you looked at were the frt. connection of port to connect a USB 3.0 device, NOT the wires. The reverse or backside is where the wiring attached IF at all. Because these are replacement ports for mounting on PCB boards. Thus, only minor tabs for soldering into PCB. Yeah, you could attach wires, but its difficult and wasn't intended as such. The ordered parts were for replacing the ports such as the 1st device listed on link, I provided, PCI-e express card.

If the whole idea is to have extra USB 3.0 ports because you have un-used USB connections in your PC, then get the pre-made cable, that's "bulkhead or slot style". Those ports attach to int. header and can be mounted either to USB bracket or holes once plate is removed. Let these USB 3.0 items suggest something:

You could have order the Anker frt. panel setup(from link). If you don't use the panel, remove its mounting and have the ready made cables or look for similar or cables alone.

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