by JCitizen - 1/26/13 8:29 AM

In Reply to: Not a problem by dgodbey

I catch your drift - I feel the same way, so I do what I like to call "Honey pot" work with malware to find out just how good the NT5 and NT6 security really is. As far as I'm concerned as long as you run as a limited account user, and don't turn off the UAC, the new technology 64 bit security of the NT6 Windows kernel is pretty hard to breach. I would say it almost reaches the same level as a good Unix based system.

However; even Unix or other FOSS solutions, can be weakened by vulnerable applications. The true key to modern PC security is to keep all java and Adobe flash, etc. and operating system fully updated, and DON'T click on fake alerts which will destroy any and all security you have no matter what platform you run on.