Yes, you should upgrade to Windows 7 Pro, here's why.

by kartini - 1/26/13 2:27 AM

In Reply to: Missing answer option by dukhalionite

Yes I would definitely recommend you to upgrade Windows 7 but depending what version of windows 7 do you prefer there three editions Home Premium , Professional and Ultimate. I would prefer Professional instead of Home Premium . Professional have more feature eg: sharing another file from another computer for those have the same Professional features.

Stability yes for windows 7 and you can get printer drivers (software) easily compare to windows 8. Windows 8 not all drivers are available unless you are willing to for 6 months for printer drivers.

Get Windows 7 64 bit you may add in more memory (RAM) for speed on the notebook or pc.
I bought windows 8 but I am still waiting for printers drivers. :The next 2 years windows will come out windows 9 .Only developers know what the new features.