Upgraded 4 computers to Win8 and bought 2 Convertables

by Neonsafari - 1/25/13 11:34 PM

In Reply to: Just upgraded to Windows 8... by Doh_1

We are running six computers with Windows 8 and love it. It is fast and stable, and an excellent buy at $39 until the end of the month (online at microsoft.com) It works well with keyboard, mouse or touchscreen. The first machine was also our oldest desktop...one that HP had advised against as they hadn't tested 8 on it...it works extremely well...the after the very first start up of each program, it just flies along. The fastest browsing that I had ever gotten from this computer (a three year old first generation i7). I have also upgraded a four year old laptop with no problems, as well as two one year old desktops. Of course the two HP Envy x2's work perfectly and the touchscreen works well as well as the keyboard, touchpad or additional mouse if I connect it.

Windows 8 has been wonderful for us.