Migrated to a NEW machine and NEW OS - W8

It started out with a need for considerable amounts of new storage. I went to an external eSATA, Sans Digital 4 bay each at 2TB. I now call this item my 'hood ornament' as in, "Lift up the hood ornament and move in a new car". My old machine had worked well for most of a decade with its 32bit XP OS. Nothing on that machine would work with large storage. Not the CPU, not the motherboard, not the OS, not the PCI card that came with the enclosure and (later) not the RAM. It quickly dawned on me that I felt as if I had completely missed a century of technology advances. When you get older, time passes like dog years.

I was done with having to worry so much about back up/recovery while hoping RAID will help out some there.

So I decided to enjoy a complete upgrade to Windows 8 with a clean new machine that included mostly read only SSD as a boot drive (and a twin spare that is mirrored so that if it fails I have instant replay); a motherboard that has a 225 page user guide; a large internal HD to feed my 'hood ornament' ; Intel I7 Sandy/Ivy Bridge; a new Video card (wow! with a 27" no touch flat screen) -- so much landscape! It is definitely a lot snappier than my old war horse. Between Craig List, Ebay a computer hardware show, and a few nerds, it wasn't a lot of trauma.

The RAID enclosure was responsible for more teeth gnashing than was W8.

I haven't had a significant problem with W8, other than finding out where a lot of the things I use were now located. If I were to have a touch screen on a desktop, I'd probably stand up to get a full body work out instead of just the shoulders. There is one thing to move a finger on a 4" screen. Its another to almost have to paint a wall. Besides, the finger prints show.

This helped as a place to start (and others like it out there).


My larger data requirements drove my need to use W8. I toyed with the idea of W7 for a few minutes, but since I was about to be sheep dipped I might as well get a proper bath. And I have Obuntu too. Going to definitely be some quality time spent with my new desk full of manuals.

I'm hoping to stave off becoming technologically irrelevant before senility sets in.

So looking forward to the next two or so years of updates and patches.