Getting Windows 8 under protest

by lyinggod - 1/25/13 6:20 PM

In Reply to: Upgrading or not? by konditor

I have a new laptop coming that, unfortunately, includes windows 8. I say this because of the inefficient and ineffective "Metro/Modern" interface.

Microsoft, and others, feel that an operating system needs to be an exquisite, if not near blissful, experience. They are mistaken. The purpose of an OS is to serve as an interface between the user and the computer. It is should give the user easy and efficient access to installed programs and functions. It should promote user productivity. Windows 8 utterly fails this test.

If a computer has a touch screen, then the Modern desktop would be an interesting novelty despite the lack of necessary features that had existed in conjunction with the start button/menu. This new laptop does not and therefore the Metro GUI is nearly as worthless as it is frustrating. However, much to my relief, I found a program called "classic shell" that will return Windows 8 to the effective usability only found in windows 7 and earlier. It provides the start button and all the familiar menus as well as some pretty neat extras.

If it seems that I am talking up this shell program too much, I am not. I am merely expressing the level of frustration and dissatisfaction that Windows 8 promotes.

I also have one computer with Vista and several with XP. Whether microsoft provides support or not is not relevant. It only matters that they can run the necessary new software. Once they cant then that is the time to upgrade to the minimum usable version of windows if the systems are not too old. If that means that they will be running a shell to be usable, so be it.

I apologize for the rant and for the lack of exaggeration.