Tried Windows 8 for 3+ months.....back to Win 7

When Windows 8 first released, I downloaded a copy onto my 3 year old laptop, wiping out my previous Win 7 install.

I gave it a good 3 month plus trial, only to come to the conclusion that the meager benefits it offered were best utilized on a tablet/touchscreen PC.......and even then I questioned their value. In short, Win 8 is not a necessity.

After that trial period, I dumped Win 8 and went back to Win 7.

Win 7 will be supported for many a year to come, and if Microsoft gets its act together and changes Win 8 to better suit my needs, then I might switch back to Win 8.

Otherwise, Win 7 rules my home. If it isn't broke, don't fix it.

Buy a retail copy of Win 7, install it, and live life happily ever after.