Just upgraded to Windows 8...

Took the $40 upgrade to Windows 8 Pro from Windows 7 Home Premium. Good, easy upgrade. I also didn't save files or apps, and just restored what I need, so that the system is much cleaner as well *smile*. The only thing that I miss is the transparent window frames on the desktop (Aero graphics) and the solitaire program from Windows 7 *smile*, the rest of it is great. Also, I used a free program so that when I boot I go directly to the desktop. On the other hand, I use the rest of the Windows 8 idioms, there's lots of articles on the internet at this point on tips and shortcuts for doing basic, common things.

Glad that I upgraded, nice OS, more secure and faster. Also have ported the Windows 7 solitaire to Windows 8, since I really didn't like the Windows Store Solitaire Collection much at all. A simple task, well described in an internet article or two *smile*.

Also, keep in mind that if you anticipate upgrading to Windows 8, the $40 upgrade is a good one, since you can download the Windows.iso, cut media, and do the upgrade when you're ready. MS says that this upgrade is going up to $199 on February 1, but that remains to be seen.