by dorrisgurl - 1/25/13 2:54 AM

In Reply to: It's not clear what state your PC is in by wpgwpg

My computer was in perfect condition but initially got sort of slow. Someone told me to try restoring my pc to factory settings, so I did. My oc did not come with windows xp, it came with an older version on windows. I had bought the xp home edition years ago, and tried to install it with what I thought was the product key. Everything worked fine until it was time to enter the product key, when I did it said it was invalid. So I called windows support and they said that the key I had was for the update and not the original set up disk. I tried seeing if anyone that I knew had a product key, but no one did. I don't know what else to do. When I turn the pc on it says Compaq and gives me the option to press f10 for setup, and nothing there worked or helped, and to press f12 for network, which didn't help either. Then, it goes straight into the windows xp setup up screen and asks for the product key. I am so confused!