Malware in Nitro PDF 64-bit?

by jepp_jepp - 1/25/13 3:03 AM

In Reply to: Malware in C|net's version of Nitro PDF? by garym123

I had the same experience! sad

Comodo internet security Free 64-bit warned me to!

I googled it and "some moore beknowled" persons sad that it had to do with how it installs its lisence in some "hidden" way or something..

I TRUST SYMANTEC AND COMODO - quite much moore than "san fransisco corporated - Nitro PDF ".

False positives from 2 of the biggest antivirus corporations? - yeah riiiight!

CNET - please do a follow up on this since garym123 posted this 2011 and now it is 2013.. is still my favorit downlod spot on the net" thou! Keep it up! cool

64-bit it is...