Purchased a formal dress and LOVE IT!

by PrettyDresses2013 - 1/24/13 6:29 PM

In Reply to: Doesn't look safe by JetBlackSteel

I purchased a formal dress from Light in the Box and it arrived today. Everything was exactly as I ordered, it was delivered in the time the website stated, and it came by Fed Ex with no extra charges. (I live in the U.S. and noticed most people who are getting stuck with extra charges at delivery live elsewhere.) I have no complaints about the dress. Other than a few minor alterations such as hemming and shortening a strap (because I am a short person who always has those types of alterations) nothing else is needed.

The only thing that bothered me about my purchase is that the website did not say clearly that these items were coming from China. Had I known that I may not have ordered the dress. I prefer to buy Made in the USA whenever possible and am concerned the dress may have been made in a "sweat shop". So I am trying to find out more about the actual workshop/dressmakers. Although looking at the quality of the dress (the quality of work is better than most dresses I have bought in the U.S.) I doubt that it is sweat shop manufactured. Those items are typically not of good quality.

I also used PayPal to make my purchase and have not had any issues with fraud thus far. So if you are going to order a dress you do not have to worry about the quality of the gown. Also the color swatches on the site are accurate.