I suggest using other methods to evaluate what you might buy

Spend some time physically in front of several of these HDTVs, preferably in smaller mom-n-pop type HT shops where they won't mind you hanging around. Big box stores are the worst places to reliably evaluate almost anything electronic, FWIW. This takes time, of course. Using JD powers, CR, etc. is basically a waste of time beyond very, very basic cursory information which can be found elsewhere, and much more effectively.

Second, I suggest you pull up a chair and spend some time reading more AV focused forums such as AVSforums.com. You will obtain more 'under the hood'-type reviews and complaints/comparisons/comments vs very unhelpful generic info @ CR, etc. Some of the enthusiasts are actually helpful and avoid much of the 'fanboy' type crud you want to obviously avoid when making your decisions.

Not sure how the user feedback @ JDP would be remotely useful if you actually sit down and looked at the quality of a Panasonic plasma vs some of the alternatives. Again, this means OUTSIDE of the viewing area in big box stores. The difference in PQ can be remarkable, including some of the higher end LED/LCD models as well (probably that Sharp you mentioned above).