Problem Solved!

by yanksmvp - 1/24/13 1:15 PM

In Reply to: Re: Scrolling is not the issue by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff

grin I have to hand it Samsung and their support team on a job well done! grin
The issue at hand seems to be low Voltage to the TV that causes the red bleeding. The fix is have their Tech people come out and increase the voltage in the TV. It's about a 15 minute fix with the technician removing the back panel and turning the voltage up to increase the flow. This instantly removed the Red bleeding effect on the TV.

sad It wasn't aging pixels as had indicated so they could get out of the repair. I advise everyone who is thinking of using to stay away and buy a real extended warranty. sad

Samsung communicated well and stayed on top of this issue from start to finish. Thanks Samsung!