lunaheretic: You did not tell us anything about

by boya84 - 1/24/13 12:14 PM

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your computer or video editor.

Take it from the top... for miniDV tape based camcorders:

Camcorder off.

Connect the camcorder's DV port (not USB) to the computer's firewire port (not USB) with a firewire cable (not USB). Connect the camcorder's power supply/adapter to the wall (known working AC power) and the camcorder. USB-to-firewire cable/converter/adapter things do not work.

If the computer is not already on, power it up.

When the computer is at a stable desktop, power up the camcorder - put the Camcorder into "Play" mode.

Launch the video editor. Use the video editor's Import or Capture command to import the video.

When firewire is working correctly, it is the firewire drivers that would be current. Firewire is not device-specific like USB is. The HV30-specific drivers would be USB for connecting to the camcorder's USB port to get to the memory card (still images) only - there is no digital tape access over USB.

Common end-user issues I see:
1) End user confuses USB and firewire.
2) Camcorder is not in "Play" mode.
3) firewire card has chipset known to cause issues.
4) Options in the camcorder changed inappropriately - need to reset the camcorder to factory default.
5) Video editing application attempted for importing cannot deal with HDV format video on the digital tape.
6) Camcorder's DV port fried because firewire cable plugged in or removed when camcorder was on and a non-user replaceable part cooked inside the camcorder.