Sony Handycam DCR-TRV120 playback

Dear All,
Thank you very much for all of your helpful comments, tips, and updates.
I was having the following playback issues with the Sony Handycam DCR-TRV120 with Digital8 tapes (VideoHi8/Digital 8 mm tapes)
1. Some tapes would play for a few seconds and the go fuzzy followed by a blue screen with just the "Play arrow" showing.
2. Some tapes would not play at all and only the blue screen with the "Play arrow" showing.
3. Some tapes would show an image for a second and then back to the blue screen with the "Play arrow" showing.

I fixed the problem by doing the following:
1. Used a TDK Head Cleaner Cassette for 8 mm camcorders. I had to run the whole head cleaner cassette through as this showed some improvement with each 10 second use in the Record SP Mode using the head cleaner cassette.
2. Finally I used the Dust Destroyer Compressed Gas Duster with 5 bursts of 10 seconds each. I was careful to make sure that I hit every roller and the play head and made sure that the play head spun so that I could hit every part of the circular surface.
Be careful when using this because when the compressed gas canister get cold, it will start to spray moist air which will cause a "Dew/Moisture" problem with the camcorder.
After Steps 1 and 2 the camcorder played all tapes.

I watched the You Tube video for the Roller Solution with the spindle, but I checked my roller and it was fine with no issues such as rising, becoming loose, or misalignment.

I also tried the "Hitting Method" on all of the spots listed above with about 15 hits of hard, medium, and soft hits. None of the hits worked.

This seems to be an issue caused by the normal accumulation of dust, dirt, and metal oxides from playing and using tapes.

I love this Sony Handycam DCR-TRV120, we have over 100 Digital8 tapes recorded with family memories over 18 years, and it is way too expensive to try to get these coverted to DVDs.

We also have a Canon Digital Camcorder too that we use for videotaping our children's sporting events but we have to download these videos to an external hard drive.