Installing Win 7 on laptop, No success.

Thanks wpgwpg.

I downloaded and burned a disc from Digital River using my desktop.

The download from digital river almost solved the problem but didn't. It reached the same point of installing as my original win 7 disc. The install stops and messages that the necessary drivers are missing please install the missing drivers and then install. Well duh that is why I need to install win 7 to start with, so I can download the drivers I need. Without any device drivers the laptop can't get online at all. Not wireless, not by lan.
One more point. The Win XP I did get installed on the laptop contains no service pacs. So my "version" of windows is not able to be upgraded. Funny thing. WinXP installed with no disc drive drivers. How come Win 7 can't?

So as it stands my son just has an expensive paper weight! I'll keep trying though. There has to be a solution somewhere somehow.