Re: Smart Hub Fitness / Fitness VOD

by jimbosuave - 1/23/13 8:45 AM

In Reply to: Re: Smart Hub Fitness / Fitness VOD by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff

Sorry for the lack of clarity, and for omitting the connection speed.

I called Charter to double check the connection speed, they said 30 meg.

I just mentioned the router adjustment just because at first it seemed to make a difference. I had also switched the router channel from auto to channel 6 because I thought I might be getting interference from a Samsung soundbar with a wireless subwoofer (this was suggested in the soundbar manual). Again, these two changes seemed to make a difference with the fitness videos, but now that the problems have resumed perhaps I falsely assumed a cause and effect relationship.

The videos played a bit better this morning, with perhaps 3 to 5 buffering pauses through a 10 minute workout rather than 3 per minute of video.

However, after playing the Fitness VOD videos, the exercise progress today was not reported back to the Fitness app (it did not appear on the "Exercise Progress" chart). I have it linked to my Noom account, and the Noom-logged exercise did show up in the chart.