Still looking for a few details. Router make, model, ver's

by R. Proffitt Moderator - 1/23/13 8:53 AM

In Reply to: smart hub yoga by sbdbsvls

I'm leaving it up to the Ambassador to reveal if the app is known to be troublesome or not. But I reviewed the discussion so far and can't find what router this is as well as the cable modem.

I'm on TWC (another cable system) and didn't see much issue there however I'm seeing a lot of router issues. I don't want to tell all but one recent Netgear model had us searching for answers since it was updated and then odd things would happen.

Since I don't have the full picture of make/model/firmware versions I can't see if it's an issue I've run into. I noted the short list of what I change from time to time but without these details I'm left to wonder if it's one we've seen.