Thanks for all your help guys.

by Bradley999 - 1/22/13 10:10 AM

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I was looking towards a plasma, but was told I have too much light in the room for a plasma. Question is, what is too much light. The room is small with a large sliding glass door which is the only one source of outside light coming in. Outside of the sliding door is a patio cover and trees that block out direct sunlight. TV is being placed next to the sliding door. I think the room is not that bright, but the sales person says it is. I will be going back to look at the TVs again.
The LCD I did purchase is a LG 42CS570 1080p 120hz. I found it had a lot of good reviews. The problem I have is in the fast action scenes, it just doesn't look right. I don't know how to best descibe it, to realistic or 3D where it looks fake.
I will be connecting my daughter's new LG 32LS3410 720p 60hz and will see how that looks.