Should I consider.............................

Several people suggested and I HIGHLY recommend running a compatibility check on your computer(s) to see what your up against. Just for the thrill of it I did a check on my "new 3 month old" Toshiba laptop. I don't know when it was introduced but I bought it new about 3 months ago from Staples! Fairly new model (?) !

That being said, here is my break down of compatibility issues:

A) 41 apps okay ergo they are good to go.

B) 11 oops, they break down as follows:
#1 I "must" install an app to play DVD's in Win 8, I think you can get it from MS for less than $20. (?) Not included in it!
#2 Side bar items AREN'T supported in Win 8, I happen to have 3 that I like/ need
#3 my computer doesn't support "Secure Boot" Yeah Toshiba!!!!!
#4 my existing Perfect Disk program is Not Compatible, will have to purchase an upgraded Perfect Disk about $40
#5 Toshiba's Media Controller Plugin isn't compatible, hopefully just a free download from Toshiba
#6 Toshiba's Recovery Media Creator not compatible hopefully a free download from Toshiba
#7 thru #11 will need to re-install the following programs under Win 8-- Toshiba's Disc Creator, Face Recognition, PC Heath Monitor, and both of my AMD programs for the display ( Catalyst install Manager and Control Center)

Again this is on a new Toshiba laptop that is probably less than a year old model, I've had it about 3 months! Yes I got a upgrade offer from Staples whereby I can upgrade for $19.99 or go to MS till the end of the month for $39.99. I'm presently running Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit OS.

Went to Toshiba and found what I needed to re-install and updated drivers for Win 8. Before anyone gets in my face about "well you always have these problems with any "upgrade"", I was showing them the problems with a less then 1 year old computer model and programs let alone a computer that probably came with XP pre-installed!

For me, I'll stick with Win 7!! Don't like the "Romper Room"/ "Sesame Street" look of Win 8!

To upgrade to Win 7 or 8 is the question. Only you can answer that. RUN the Compatibility Adviser's!!! You might be shocked out of your socks!! Yes $40 (Win 8) sounds pretty good until you find out some or in your case most will probably NOT function in Win 8! I know in Win 7 you have a program compatibility program where hopefully you can get some/ most of your programs to run!

Even if you purchase a "brand new computer" how old are the majority of your programs?? You may end up having to purchase "ALL" new programs to boot, if the ones you use/ need are still available! Win 7, to me, appears to be your best bet by far!!!!