No one has to grow a set in DC

by TONI H - 1/21/13 3:43 PM

In Reply to: I'll bet you won't see anyone "with a set" by JP Bill

because they would be arrested immediately with or without the inauguration because DC and Chicago *until NYC last week* have the strictest gun laws in the country and still have the highest gun crime rates also in the country. Whereas Utah citizens are legally allowed to carry "unloaded" rifles, including a firearm strapped to their bodies, as long as they are in plain need for a 'concealed weapon' permit. Just as hunters have mounted rifle/gun racks in their pickup trucks along the back windows.

>>>Utah allows for open carry of unloaded firearms without a concealed firearm permit. "Unloaded" as it applies here, means that there is no round in the firing position (or chamber), and the firearm is at least two "mechanical actions" from firing. As carrying the firearm with the chamber empty, but with a full magazine, meets this definition (the handler must chamber a round, and then pull the trigger), this is a common work around for Utah residents who do not wish to acquire a permit. Without the permit, the firearm must be clearly visible.>>>

It is also a "Stand Your Ground" State........and is one of two states that allows for permit holders to enter a K-12 school with the gun.