Smart Hub Fitness / Fitness VOD

by jimbosuave - 1/21/13 3:23 PM

In Reply to: Re: Smart Hub Fitness / Fitness VOD by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff

Other streaming apps work fine. Those that I use: Netflix, Vudu, and BBC News. They all work very well. You Tube can be inconsistent but it doesn't have the same symptoms (it does not have the cycle of "updating" messages, etc.)

This is a wireless connection through a Netgear router. I initially noticed that when I adjusted the router from a 130 mbps mode to a 300 mbps mode that the choppy playback on the Fitness apps improved significantly. This also cleared up playback problems on the HuffPost Live app (which I've since uninstalled, but it did work better). But now even when set in that mode I'm experiencing choppy playback again with Fitness VOD (along with the updating cycle that I mentioned).

The Fitness VOD app is version 2.912.

Just to see if things have cleared up I periodically check the Fitness VOD videos, and if anything they were worse today, buffering several times for every minute played.