Same Prob... Help

by Carlosjvv - 1/21/13 7:17 AM

In Reply to: I know this may sound dumb, but... by Cw4278

I just purchased an H/K AVR 1700. This is my set up:

Rec to TV= Via HDMI
Sony B-Ray DVD- Via HDMI -No problem, some special setting on DVD only
Digital Cable Box- Via HDMI- No problem
WII- Via RCA (wht, red, and yellow) connected to receiver's audio 1-in and video 1-in --Sound but no picure.
Changed Game setting to CVBS 1 and Audio to 1
Tried everything nothing seems to work. Tech accross the world new less than me; and advised me to hook up the video directly to TV... Sound kind of stupid, since the whole purpose is to simplify the connection to the tv with on cable... Im Ready to Bring this Back...

Any advise will be appreciated.