I am getting ZERO replies from the UK, and I am wondering if you can help me in any way at all.

I know my TV is connected to the internet, I even updated to the latest software 'online' (through the tv) to version 001031 yesterday. I thought finally a new version of the software, my problems are over, it didnt help.

I have reset the Smart Hub on many occassions like here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8RAHenRWbQ but the 'terms and conditions' are in grey, that is, I am unable to see them or agree to them. Since my Smart Hub stopped working the 'terms and conditions' have not been accessible.

There is nothing else I am able to do on my TV, I am convinced it has nothing to do with my ISP, it is the Smart Hub.

I have a 6000 series, should I return my TV under the terms of the guarantee and upgrade to a 7000, 8000 or 9000 series or shouldnt it matter?

Please help, this is really frustrating.