I am confused... but taking this one step at a time may help

by boya84 - 1/20/13 3:29 PM

In Reply to: camcord wont playback movies by danda367

1) Your JVC Everio GZ 205e is a PAL localized consumer grade camcorder that can record standard definition MOD files or high definition TOD files. The Microsoft Windows Media Player application included with Windows XP (SP2) cannot deal with these file types.

You found that a different media player is needed - I would have suggested VLC Player from www.videoLAN.org...

2) Most standard definition video DVD players can deal only with VOB files. Copying the MOD and TOD files onto a a blank DVD disc will only allow a computer to play that video back using some sort of media player (like WM Lite or VLC Player). In order for the video files to be played back on a DVD player, that video must be in a file type that the DVD player understands. This is typically VOB file type. To get to this, the *easiest* way is to use a a DVD authoring application like MyDVD or WinDVD... but they don't understand MOD and TOD files... so, assuming you do not want to edit the video, the correct sequence is:

a) download and install a transcoder (converter) to your computer. MPEG Streamclip os useful. There are lots of others. Convert the MOD or TOD files to a file format the DVD authoring application can deal with (usually WMV or AVI). When the conversion is done, quit the transcoder app, and launch the DVD authoring tool. Add the newly converted WMV or AVI files to the DVD Authoring application. When ready, insert the blank DVD to the computer's DVD drive and burn the video to the disc.

b) If you want to edit the video before burning the disc, you still want to go through the transcoding process - but rather than jumping directly to the DVD authoring application, use a video editor (MovieMaker was bundled with XP SP2 so it should already be on your computer. It is very basic as video editors go, but may be all you need). When editing is complete (you can add a sound track, text, credits, and transitions between scenes), then export or share the project to a WMV file... then take that into the DVD authoring application...