Thanks for the wakeup call.

by BudVitoff - 1/20/13 2:01 PM

In Reply to: Use System Restore by wpgwpg

I'm embarrassed that I didn't do a system restore before asking for help. I had to go back to early December before the problem was resolved! I was doing this on behalf of a friend -- okay, she's my ex, but still a friend -- and between the two of us we represent almost a century of programming mainframes, which are a lot easier than these new-fangled micros.

I appreciate your comments about backup. She doesn't seem to care about it. With her 2GB of RAM and 34GB of hard disk, she says it wouldn't bother her much if the whole thing got lost. Our daughter, on the other hand, has over 200GB on Carbonite, which I use as well, but recent comparisons have me a little edgy about them.

I'm babbling -- I'm sorry. But as long as I have your attention, the PC in question has become extremely sluggish. I've Ccleaned it, and cleaned and defragged, cleared Firefox browser data, and uninstalled stuff until the wee hours of the morning, and it's still slow as molasses in January. Do you have anything to say about packages like SpeadUpMyPC or others?

And again, my sincere thanks.