PCM repair proceedure

by JS97ZJ - 1/20/13 10:09 AM

In Reply to: Stall fix by sparkie812

I see that this is still a problem for many.
I had this problem with my 97 JGC. It mostly effects the 96-98 JGC with the I6, 4.0 engine for what reason we haven't figured out. It doesn't happen with the V8's as much.
This nonsense with the screws being too long and cleaning the 3 connectors, putting ty-wraps around the connectors is only masking the real problem.
The solder connections where the 3gang connector is soldered to the circuit board are failing due to the design of the PCM itself. The vehicle vibration along with the constant weight of the wire harness tugging the wire harness and mix that up with the changes in engine bay temperatures ( from what ever lows it gets to in your area to as high as 250* in summer) is causing the problem.
Many of these re-manufactured PCM's are not repaired properly so if you need to get yours replaced, make sure you get a very good warranty with it. You'll probably need it. The repair procedure is quite involved for your average do it yourself-er, but if your capable it can be done.
I was frustrated with this problem for a very long time and join a forum where several guys were work on this problem.
I've repaired 4 of them so I know it is the only fix that works.

I hope this helps out . Some of the people that have posted here have joined this forum in search of finding a solution to this problem. So I'm leaving you with this link if anyone is interested...


I would also recommend that you check out another members write up in diagnosing engine stalling in the 93-98 JGCs. They are very good vehicles but just like us old people they need some TLC.