2nd Build update and Alternative Options?

by Vanillaman - 1/20/13 9:16 AM

In Reply to: Help and advice ... by Edward ODaniel

He returned to replace my original CD/DVD drive and to reinstall the graphics card from the first build. So now, the specs are as you see below. I didn't mention anything about gaming, since when I originally inquired, I explained that I was often working on web building, music and video editing with Adobe. When I questioned him about the tri-core being reduced to dual core, he said that the chip in the second build was better than the tri-core. However, over this weekend I have found my computer struggling to perform multiple tasks.

I paid £360 for this 2 months ago and I've had these problems since. I'm going to return it and ask for a refund and buy a computer from a more reputable retailer. I have narrowed it down to one of these 4. I know the RAM or hard drive may drop, but at least I can be more assured about quality:

What do you guys think? Many thanks in advance.

Processor AMD A6-5400K APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics

Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB

Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 (Subscore 4.7: Base score 4.7 Determined by lowest subscore)

Gaming graphics 4095 MB Total available graphics memory

Primary hard disk 841GB Free (931GB Total)

Windows 7 Home Premium


Manufacturer MSI
Model MS-7721
Total amount of system memory 8.00 GB RAM
System type 64-bit operating system
Number of processor cores 1


Total size of hard disk(s) 1863 GB
Disk partition (C:) 841 GB Free (931 GB Total)
Media drive (D:) CD/DVD
Disk partition (E:) 229 GB Free (932 GB Total)


Display adapter type NVIDIA GeForce GT 610
Total available graphics memory 4095 MB
Dedicated graphics memory 1024 MB
Dedicated system memory 0 MB
Shared system memory 3071 MB
Display adapter driver version
Primary monitor resolution 1360x768
DirectX version DirectX 10


Network Adapter Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller


The gaming graphics score is based on the primary graphics adapter. If this system has linked or multiple graphics adapters, some software applications may see additional performance benefits.