ruugb`s easiest way not quite there...

by ColdWest - 1/20/13 1:40 AM

In Reply to: Easiest way by ruggb

I agree in part, except I prefer to Search for "recovery", but that is only semantics... except that as soon as the R is input, a reduced list comes up with Recovery at the very top. I then right click on the Recovery HEADER and select "Create shortcut". After it appears on my desktop, I just drag it to my Start button and create a copy. That's it, all done.

Heads up: One caution however, if you delete the original shortcut created on the desktop, the Start menu copy points to it and it will not work once removed.

Using ruggb's suggestion will end up performing a system recovery, whereas I read that you merely want to reset your System Recovery icon in your Start menu.

Hope this helps...