Those darn gunowners they also jump to conclusions

by JP Bill - 1/19/13 11:06 AM

In Reply to: He had an agenda? by Steven Haninger

Gun owners: Man's actions hurt us

RIVERDALE — The man who walked into the Riverdale JC Penney store Wednesday with an assault rifle strapped to his back and a pistol clipped to his belt negatively affected gun owners by making his political statement, according to local leaders.

"The guy is an idiot, and I am a big gun right's supporter," said Rep. Paul Ray, R-Clinton.

The man's actions hurt gun owners, the majority of whom are conscientious, Ray said.

It was strictly a political statement, Ray said.

But the person he may have most put in jeopardy was himself, Ray said, by walking into the store with an assault rifle strapped to his back.

Other proponents of gun ownership agree.

"There is no question he is within his rights to carry a firearm. Is he breaking the law? No. But logic would tell you he is creating a situation where others are put in fear," Rep. Brad Dee, R-Washington Terrace.

The man carrying the assault weapon has that right based on the law,

I take it you have absolutely no problems with his actions....Never mind WHY he did it.

Notice, the gun owner referred to it as an "assault weapon".